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Vcheck Antibody Titer Testing

In accordance to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) published guidelines for vaccinations, Brighton Vet Care offers antibody titer testing so that your pet receives a core vaccination only if he/she fails the test! Pets who pass the test can skip their core vaccines for the year, thus avoiding unnecessary vaccinations.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Brighton Vet Care is proud to be one of the few clinics in Singapore who offer laparoscopic (keyhole) surgeries. Our furry loved ones are equally deserving of human-standard care, and having keyhole surgeries will help significantly reduce pain and surgery wound size for procedures like sterilization (spay) surgeries.


Consult our veterinarians regarding your pet's health concerns via video consultation, in the comfort of your own home. Many health conditions require physical checks and tests, and in such situations your pet can be dropped off with our friendly nurses at the door, and our veterinarians will speak with you via video-consultation at the appointed time.


our consultations may take longer than expected, the vet may ask you many questions, the nurse may cuddle your furkid for longer before an injection is given, you may get a long write-up filled with advice and recommendations, and our nurses may call you just to find out how things are going. we do these because we care.

Brighton has been caring for our dogs Eight & Mono for the past 3 years. The commitment the team have in making sure our dogs are always cared for is remarkable. Despite having numerous patients on their plate, they never fail to remember details of my dogs to be take note of. Brighton will be the only team I am confident to entrust my dogs with.

Anyi, owner of Eight & Mono

Thank you Dr Melissa, Dr Gwenda and Brighton team for all the care for Xiao Bai ! I am thankful to have you guys when Xiao Bai need medical help! The doctors are very good in their vet knowledge and give us different alternatives for his medical help!! Thank you Brighton !❤️

Ms Tan, owner of Xiao Bai

I would like to thanks 3000 times to Dr. Gwenda for explaining patiently about my Special Breed "Ubin Boy" who ate sands during beach outing that leads to Intestine obstruction. Without Dr. Gwenda & Brighton's nurses help, Ubin recovery will not be fast.

Thank You Very Much for helping us to gain back his smile ❤

Ms Lim, owner of Ubin Boy