Antinol® RAPID Joint Supplement for Dogs (90 Softgels)

Antinol® RAPID Joint Supplement for Dogs (90 Softgels)

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  • Antinol ® Rapid is a potent, synergistic blend of two marine lipid extracts chosen for their unique enhancement in a formula called EAB-277™.

    The two marine lipids used in Antinol ® Rapid are proprietary and exclusively produced. Each gelcap of Antinol ® Rapid contains 30mg lipid fractions from the New Zealand green lipped mussel and 20mg of high phospholipid krill oil.

    This combination is the result of years of research isolating and combining lipid groups and essential fatty acids to find the optimal nutrient synergy.
    The proprietary high phospholipid krill oil enhances the bioactivity and potency of this formula resulting in proven efficacy. The Antinol® Rapid EAB-277™ blend has been proven via laboratory test to be more effective than either of the individual lipids alone in inhibiting inflammation markers.

    Whether your pet is a sporting dog, a working dog or just a casual walk in the park kind of dog, he will benefit from better mobility and better joint health with Antinol® Rapid. Senior dogs who are slowing down, require extra cognitive, cardiovascular and renal function and dogs requiring support of skin and coat health will also benefit.

    What can I expect from Antinol® Rapid EAB-277™?

    90% of dogs showed enhanced mobility within 2 weeks of starting Antinol® Rapid.

    Most dog parents report that their dog
    Is happier
    Is more energetic
    Climbs stairs with greater ease
    Resumes playing
    Looks forward to walks again
    Returns to jumping into the car

    And most importantly they enjoy their life with you again!


    Backed by science and extensive research

    The two marine lipids used in Antinol® Rapid are proprietary and exclusively produced. The exact combination of 30mg lipid fractions from Perna canaliculus (green lipped mussel) and 20mg high phospholipid krill is the result of years of research combining and isolating lipid groups and essential fatty acids to find the optimal nutrient synergy. The Antinol® Rapid EAB-277 blend has been proven via laboratory tests to be more effective than either of the individual lipids alone in inhibiting inflammation markers such as nitric oxide, TNFα, and IL-6.

    Antinol® Rapid has been reviewed internationally by veterinarians in published trials, is seen as safe to use and does not interact with other medications. Every batch is tested for stability and purity and it is routinely recommended by veterinarians around the world. In just 3 years, Antinol® Rapid has become the leading product for dogs’ and cats’ joint and mobility support in Japan.

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  • Active Ingredients:
    Each capsule contains 50 mg of patented marine lipid extract EAB-277
    (30 mg Perna canaliculus lipid fractions, 20 mg proprietary Euphausia superb)

    Antinol® Rapid capsules are not bleached. Fatty acid crystals may appear that look like cloudy sediment; this is normal and does not affect the integrity or performance of the product.

  • Recommended Dosage

    Weight Loading dose (first 2 weeks) Maintenance dose
    <20kg 2 capsules a day 1 capsule a day
    >20kg 4 capsules a day 2 capsules a day

    Please consult a veterinarian to have a diagnosis regarding your pet's condition so that the dosage can be tailored according to your pet's needs


    How to feed:
    The Antinol® Rapid gelcap is only 1 cm long so it is super easy to feed your pet. Most dogs will gladly eat it out of your hand. Give Antinol® Rapid with or after food.

    For difficult to pill pets, the Antinol® Rapid gelcap may be hidden in wet food. Alternatively, the gelcap can be pierced and the contents mixed with food or treats.

    No known contraindications and able to be used when there is an inability to take traditional NSAIDs.

    The safety of this product has not been tested in pregnant and lactating animals.

    May contain a minute amount of tropomyosin protein.

    Storage Instructions
    Store below 30oC in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep container tightly closed. Refrigeration is encouraged and highly recommended during the hotter months.