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Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes, which is a problem in Singapore, whether your pet is indoors or outdoors. Heartworm disease will inevitably lead to heart failure, and as they say - "prevention is better than cure". Prevent your pets from catching fatal heartworm disease by keeping them on a monthly prescription heartworm prevention.

Already on heartworm prevention? Submit a prescription letter from your veterinarian and you can have your heartworm prevention delivered to your door step. Don't have a prescription letter? Submit your veterinarian's information at checkout and we will contact your vet for approval.

Not on heartworm prevention, but interested to start your pet on heartworm prevention? Contact us at +65 62822 484 (Serangoon Gardens) or +65 6235 2250 (Bukit Timah) to arrange for a consultation and a heartworm test to get your pet started. 


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