Biosilver Skin & Wound Solution 250ml

Biosilver Skin & Wound Solution 250ml

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  • BioSilver Multi-Purpose Solution is a natural formulation containing silver nanoparticles made by a unique nanotechnology that produces silver nanoparticles from 99.99% pure silver in purified water. It is non-stinging and non-irritating when applied to open wounds.

    This is a multi-purpose solution suitable for the rapid healing and treatment of cuts, wounds, burns, abrasions, blisters, bites, skin irritations and post-surgical wounds. Its broad spectrum antimicrobial property is also useful for the treatment of hot spots, ringworm and various skin infections. It is helpful for the treatment of mouth and throat conditions such as ulcers, sore gums, tooth decay, oral infections and inflammation.

    - Aids in fighting bacteria, fungi and viruses
    - Promotes rapid wound healing and tissue regeneration
    - Enhances immune system and general well-being
    - Removes unpleasant odors and bad breath
    - Relieves skin allergies, inflammations and insect bites
    - Non-toxic when ingested
    - Safe to use around the mouth, nose and eyes
    - No side effects
    - Non-allergenic and gentle to sensitive skin
    - Convenient to use with no dilution or rinsing required
    - Suitable for all animals (dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets).

    Note: The use of topical nanosilver/colloidal silver products is not a replacement for veterinary advice. We recommend all owners to seek veterinary advice for pets with skin/eye/ear discomfort. If your pet has symptoms like scratching, licking, chewing, head-shaking or rubbing, it is uncomfortable! Please do not delay seeking veterinary help.

  • Active Ingredients
    99.99% pure Nano Silver

  • Directions for Use
    For hot spots, skin irritations and insect bites: Spray directly to the affected area 3 to 4 times daily for 2 days and then twice daily thereafter.
    For cuts, burns and abrasions: Spray directly to the affected area twice daily.
    For wound healing: Cleanse the wound with clean warm water to remove debris and dirt before application. Spray directly to the wound twice daily. Treat daily as needed. Apply clean gauze dressing if needed. For mouth ulcers, sore gums, tooth decay and bad breath: Spray directly into the mouth twice daily.
    For grooming and cleaning: Spray directly to the hair coat, body and paw after bathing and allow to dry or apply directly onto the eyes or nose to remove exudates.
    For infection control and sanitization (eg. toys, bowls, beddings): Spray directly to the cage or accessories when needed.

    Storage Instructions
    Store in a cool, dry place, away from light