PAWrific! Foam Sanitizer for Paw, Skin & Coat 150ml

PAWrific! Foam Sanitizer for Paw, Skin & Coat 150ml

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  • Pawrific! Foam Sanitizer helps you to groom your pet without the hassles of soap & water bathing. It also keeps your pet germ-free and reducing infection. Our clever sanitizer makes your pet squeaky-clean for bacteria to hang onto so they will be much healthier. Lastly, this no-rinse foam leaves your pet looking good and smelling better than ever.

    - Disinfecting paws after coming home from walks outdoors
    - Disinfecting paws from slimy saliva (common problem in persistent paw-lickers!), thus preventing paw infections
    - Cleaning bum area after defaecation, to prevent skin irritation that can be caused by excrement being stuck on the fur or skin

    - Antiseptic and anti-bacterial
    - Foamy and easy to use
    - No-rinse needed, use clean towel to dry skin after use

  • Active Ingredients
    Chlorhexidine gluconate solution, Propylene glycol, Propolis extract.


  • Directions for Use
    Step 1: Gently rub the foam onto your pet’s paws, skin or coat.
    Step 2: Ensure even distribution to the target areas.
    Step 3: Rub or brush gently till dry or wipe with towels.

    Storage Instructions
    Store in a cool, dry place (below 30°C).

    For external use only. Shake well before use. Avoid contact with eyes.
    Discontinue if irritation or inflammation occurs. Not suitable for pets below 2 months old.